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I introduced this product, the Quick Spooler, in 2004 as a useful tool for anybody that sets up and pulls wire and cable. I have been installing sound and video systems for over 27 years. I have seen many different kinds of wire spool stands; some are homemade, some are manufactured. But none of the cable caddies or spool stands I came across had all of the features I needed. They just didn't measure up to the quality and/or versatility I hoped to find.

I wanted to do this right, so I started to get a patent on the design of this wire caddy invention right away. The patent process lasted over 4 years, but it was worth it. Over the last few years, my sales have been growing every year, and so I've been looking for more distributors. I have sold the Quick Spooler in all 50 states and have also made sales in Canada.